Staying positive when all of your hard work was for nothing

When I used to work as a research assistant at university, sometimes I faced the situation where all my daily work was lost because of a power outage and I hadn’t saved my progress. A coworker of mine used to say that lost work is a good thing for a number of reasons: first you pay more attention in the future in order to not lose any work; second you do your work faster the second time because you’ve already done it before; and third you get to review what you’ve done and can come with better solutions than before, most of the time ending with a better product and a deeper understanding of whatever you’re dealing with.

VeilWalker game has been in the oven for a few months now, but the idea of making this game has been under discussion  since December 2015. We’ve had many ideas for game concepts including, but not limited to 2D platformers, 3D platformers, racing roguelikes, shoot’em ups and flying simulators. We’ve even prototyped many of those.

roguelike racing3.gif
Roguelike racing prototype. Actually not that bad…

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