Making your game go Ka-Boom with destruction physics

Recently I’ve posted this GIF on Reddit and it received surprisingly good feedback, so I decided to post about how to achieve this effect using Blender and Unity3D.


First of all, you need an object with good geometry, no disconnected vertices or edges, no internal faces or areas with zero thickness. Sometimes you can repair your model with the triangulate modifier. If your model does not have proper topology the Cell Fracture function will fail and you will not obtain the desired results.

The wall that I’ll destroy in this example.

Next, enable the Cell Fracture add-on function in Blender under File > User Preferences…

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The secrets to building a smooth 3rd person camera Rig

I’ve tried using free camera rigs available in the Unity asset store, however none of them were as robust as I wanted and most of the time the scripts were unoptimized and hard to read. So I decided to build my own from scratch.

The 3rd person camera rig can be very hard to program, it is arguably the hardest type of camera to make so how do we start?


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